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DBCoverage [IMPULSE-2018-00264] Review/Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Non-reciprocal magnons in non-centrosymmetric MnSi
AIP Advances 8(10), 101328 - () [10.1063/1.5041036]
Using two cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometers we have succeeded in fully mapping out the field-dependent evolution of the non-reciprocal magnon dispersion relations in all magnetic phases of MnSi. The non-reciprocal nature of the dispersion manifests itself in a full asymmetry (non-reciprocity) of the dynamical structure factor S(q,E,μ$_0$H$_{int}$) with respect to flipping either the direction of the applied magnetic field μ$_0$H$_{int}$, the reduced momentum transfer q, or the energy transfer E..
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[FZJ-2015-04981] Journal Article/Review
; ; ; et al
Role of the tuning parameter at magnetic quantum phase transitions
Heavy-fermion systems, with their competition betweenKondo and RKKY interactions, offer a rich variety of materials thatmay be driven to a magnetic quantum phase transition. Quite often,a quantum critical point can be approached by chemical substitution,notably of isoelectric ligands of Ce, as in CeCu6−xAux andCePd1−xNixAl. [...]

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