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[IMPULSE-2019-00245] Journal Article
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Half antiperovskites: V. Systematics in ordering and group-subgroup-relations for Pb$_2$ Pd$_3$ Se$_2$ , Bi$_2$ Pd$_3$ Se$_2$ , and Bi$_2$ Pd$_3$ S$_2$
The crystal structures of Pb2Pd3Se2 and superconducting Bi2Pd3Se2 are investigated from single crystal X-ray diffraction. Thus, an enhanced view on structure trends can be given for the series Bi(2)M(3)Ch(2) and Pb(2)M(3)Ch(2) (M = Ni, Rh, Pd, Ch = S, Se) including structure-property relations to superconducting parkerite, Bi2Ni3S2, non superconducting Bi2Pd3S2, and trigonal shandite, Pb2Ni3S2. [...]
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